How To Count Cards in Blackjack

As one of the most popular casino games, players alway find the strategy to win in Blackjack. Card counting is not a new term for experienced players. It can help you to determine how many high-value cards left and who has the house edge. However, it can be tricky sometimes and needs a lot of patience and practice. Card counting is legal with the conditions you memorise it and not using any kind of software. Some casinos will ban players from counting cards if you are a “big winner”. Remember to check the casino rules before starting the games. Here are some tips to master in card counting.

#1 Learn Basic Strategy

Never go deep before you learn the basic card counting strategy. Step by step and be patient as it is very time consuming. Only move to another difficult level after you master it. Entering the game without basic strategy will cause you to throw the hard-earned money away. 

#2 Practice Make Perfect

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep practising before playing with real money might take you some time but will reduce your loss. Those who are Blackjack newbies, you are advisable to learn the guidance first before proceeding to card counting because it is quite confusing at first. Also, practising more can help to avoid casino catches that you are counting cards.

#3 Learn The Values

Blackjack is all about the mathematical values. You need to memorise all cards with each value based on your strategy used. To start, pick the easiest one so that you will not confuse the value in the long run. Whether to add or reduce your bets depends on the card values. Making wrong decisions might cause you to lose more than you could ever win!

#4 Card Counting Apps

To make the learning process more easier, you can use an app to help you pick up all the tricks and tips in Blackjack card counting. Certain apps may need you to pay a fee but you are able to practise without the pressure of playing in a real casino. It’s time to start learning how to count the cards in Blackjack if you wish to get benefits from the game. Also, be wise when choosing the apps, always look at the app rating and reviews first before downloading. Note that using any card counting apps is a fraud in casinos.

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