Head Coach’s suspension: What is means for the Celtics?

Head Coach's suspension What is means for the Celtics

Boston Celtics‘ head coach, Ime Udoka was banned for the whole 2022-23 NBA season, following his improper relationship with a Celtics staff. Although the suspension last only this season, there is no guarantee that the team will have him back. Recently, his name created buzz after reports of his indecent relationship with a staff despite being in a relationship. With that, Boston took action as their coach violated the team’s code of conduct.

However, his suspension plays a huge impact for his squad as they begin their 2022-23 NBA season. Udoka’s coaching style is one of the reason why his squad managed to enter the finals last season. Surely, with him gone, adjustments for their interim coach is made, but the Celtics may face difficulties in doing so. In less than a month, NBA starts its new season, means fresh start for the Celtics. But surely, the team will find it hard to adjust for a short span of time.

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The league considered Udoka as one of the most successful coach in the league. His coaching style plays a crucial role for the recent success if his squad. In fact, many got surprised that the Celtics entered the finals last season since the are a very young team compared to their opponents. What is more surprising is the fact that it was his first season as Celtics’ head coach last season. Despite being new to the squad, he already managed to bring his squad to the finals.

Defense-first mentality is what Udoka instilled to his players, and his players adopted to his way of coaching. With his long-time absence for his squad, it will hurt his squad big time. It is just unfortunate as many believes the Celtics could be a contender this season. They became very dependent on Udoka but they have no choice but to accept this decision. Although the ban lasts for the while season only. Udoka cannot guarantee that a career still awaits him. For the meantime, Mazzulla stands as the team’s interim head coach. Muzzalla is the team’s assistant coach during their days with Udoka.

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