France, continues to defend their title versus Poland

France, continues to defend their title versus Poland

France and Poland meets on a match where their spot for the quarter-finals is at stake. France continues their defense for their title in the World Cup, while Poland eyes to return in the quarter-finals, after failing to do so in the past. These two teams actually lost their last matches during their group stage. Luckily, their previous results were enough for them to secure a spot in the Round of 16. These two go head-to-head in a one-match knockout round. A win in this game is enough for them to qualify in the quarterfinals. However, a loss in this match is also enough to end their World Cup bid. Their meeting happens on December 4, 2022, at 11:00 PM (GMT+8).

France and Poland already met 16 times, so going against each other is no longer new for them. From that 16 matches they played, France has the clear advantage, as they already won eight of those 16 games. As for Poland, they only win three times, while the other five all ended in draw. Although France lost their final game in their groups, they have been impressive during their first two games. They remain as one of the favorites to win the title this year. As for Poland, their qualification for the knockout stage is not that convincing as they only qualified due to goal differential. If they want to qualify for the quarterfinals, this team needs to play a lot better.

France will not give up for their chance to defend World Cup title

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Even before France started their campaign for the World Cup, many doubted them, saying they are no longer as capable as they were in 2018. However, they were able to prove their doubters wrong during their group stage as they remain to be very impressive in the groups. Going into the knockout stage, they are confident to face Poland as they were able to be dominant during their group matches. They did wonders during their first two game sin the groups, which is why their loss in their final group match did not affect them that much. However, they will be tested against Poland as some of their key players are down to their respective injuries.

Things may be tougher for France this time, as some of their key players are not playing in this game. Paul Pogba, N’Golo Kante, Presnel Kimpembe, Mike Maignan, and Lucas Hernandez are all forced off the roster. Luckily for them, Kylian Mbappe may be in action for this game, and lead them to victory.

Poland will prove they deserve a spot in the quarterfinals

World Cup: Poland
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Poland failed to impress in their campaign in the group stage, only having one goal in their three matches in the group stage. This squad is aware about the things they need to work on and they need to improve. If they will continue playing the way they played in the group stage, they stand no chance against France in this match. In fact, this team is above Mexico only for the reason that Mexico had a yellow card tally. Luckily, they have guys who could step-up big time and do miracles for them. However, one guy is not enough for them to win this game. All needs to step-up, as they are about to face the defending champions.

The only problem in their squad is their defender, Bartek Bereszynski sustained a minor injury. Aside from him, Poland have a fully-fit squad, and ready to go against France in their knockout round game.


France (2.5)
Odds: 0.86

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