Fan Tan Guide For Beginner

Evolution Fan Tan idea comes from an ancient and very famous Chinese gambling game. A random selection of counters or beads are sorted into groups of four, players will then bet on what the remaining count will be. Materials used for the game include a table or playing mat (Tan Ching), a pile of white ceramic beads, a glass dome, a metal cup (Tan Koi) and a bead selection stick (Tan Pong). Correctly predict the number and you win. To make things more interesting, more complicated bets can be made but these are normally reserved for the more experienced player.

Choice of Two Game Views

1. Basic Fan Tan Bets

Fan BetPlace on the exact number of beads remaining (1,2,3, or 4)
Big/ SmallPlace on whether the number is Small (1 or 2) or Big (3 or 4)
Odd/ EvenPlace on whether the number is Odd (1 or 3) or Even (2 or 4)

2. Advanced Fan Tan Bets

NimNim bet is like Fan bet but covers two numbers (not one). The first number counts as win, while the second number counts as a push where you will get your initial stake returned.
KwokKwok bet is like the Nim bet, where you pick two numbers but with the Kwok bet, both numbers are a win.
Ssh  (Sheh-sam-hong)Ssh bet is on three of the numbers. You win if any of the three numbers come in. If none of the numbers is selected, you lose. 

How To Play

During the betting time, dealer moves the glass dome containing the beads to the centre of the table. They will then raise the lid revealing the pile of ceramic beads. They slide the metal cup across the table with the other hand and scoop up a number of the beads. At last, hide the selected beads before placing the upturned cup on the table. The action is fast and efficient, taking just a few seconds. Hence, it is difficult to establish dealer has select how many beads.

Once betting time’s up, the dealer lifts the cup revealing the beads to be sorted. Dealer separates out four beads at a time using the sorting stick and puts them lined up to the side of the table.

A result is declare once there are four or fewer beads remaining on the table. The remaining beads will then move to the center of the table to be seen by all of the players. One tip on Fan Tan is pay attention to the statistics and see what the past results are. This might reveal some information on how the dealer is selecting the number of beads. In case they repeat the same movements, they will likely pick up a similar number of beads. Hence, check to see if that is happening by looking for repeating results.


Ready To Play?

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