Eurobasket 2022 preview and prediction

Eurobasket 2022 preview and prediction

As the FIBA Eurobasket 2022 starts today, fans are all excited to see and know which countries could possibly qualify for the World Cup. The first phase of Eurobasket can also determine the two teams who will meet for the championship. So, each game is really important as it might haunt down the teams later on.

In this article, we will run down the groups and the countries in each groups. We will also see which countries could possibly enter the round of 16, as the top four teams of each group will qualify for Berlin.

Group A (Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Montenegro, Belgium, and Georgia)

Eurobasket: Group A

For the Group A, it is clear that the two of the countries that has high possibility to enter the round of 16 are Spain and Turkey. Spain have their veteran guard and mainstay, Rudy Fernandez who constantly dominate the guarding position for Eurobasket. On the other hand, Turkey has their young and ambitious team that will help them qualify. Now, the rest of the four teams will have to compete for last ticket. Georgia’s chances of entering the next round is if Toko Shengelia will play for the tournament. Aside from Georgia, Bulgaria may also have the chance to book the last ticket. The duo of Dee Bost and Sasha Vezenkov might be enough to make things happen. Additionally, Montenegro and Belgium might have a smaller chance to qualify despite their solid line-ups.

Group B (Germany, France, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary)

Eurobasket: Group B

For this series of Eurobasket, this squad is considered as the strongest group as the countries that are usually on the top are here. It is easy to say that France, Slovenia, and Germany will be the three to book the ticket. However, there are unexpected results that happened, with Bosnia defeating France, and Germany beating Slovenia. Lithuania is the last country expected to book the final ticket for this group. Germany having a home advantage is a huge boost for them. With France, nothing can go wrong after they bagged the silver medal during the Olympics. As for Slovenia, Luka Doncic, that’s it. His mere presence is a threat to everyone.

Group C (Italy, Greece, Croatia, Estonia, Ukraine, Great Britain)

Eurobasket: Group C

The two-time MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo and his squad are most likely enter the round of 16. Greece is considered to be the top team in this group. Italy, could be more dangerous not until Danilo Gallinari got an injury, which is a huge asset for this squad. Despite the absence of Gallinari, Italy is still one of the favorites to enter the next round. Croatia honestly raised some expectations about their squad. However, during the games, they performed in a less impressive way although considered as a powerhouse team. Despite their underwhelming performance, many believe that Croatia to be one from this group that will enter the next round. Compared to Estonia and Great Britain, Ukraine has the higher chance to enter the next round. All thanks to Alex Len and Svi Mykhailiuk who takes charge for the Ukraine team.

Group D (Serbia, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Israel, Netherlands)

Eurobasket: Grpup D

The first team to qualify in this round is very obvious, and that is Serbia where the reigning NBA MVP, Nikola Jokic plays. For this group, it is more of the player’s independent talents, which might be the key for them to qualify. For the Czech Republic, they remain a solid team with Jan Vesely with them. Additionally, they will also enjoy the home crowd, which might be their biggest advantage. Finland has Lauri Markkanen who is firing left and right this summer. Poland’s experience will give them the key to the next round. Poland will be lead by outstanding players like Mateusz Ponitka. Israel and the Netherlands on the other hand will be hunted by their lack of experience. They have the talent, but their talents still needs to be enhanced.

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