Egypt enters crucial match

Egypt enters crucial match

Egypt and Mexico are two teams eliminated already in the World Cup, as they both remain winless in their campaign. These two teams are just coming into this match as they aim to at least finish their campaign with a win. When it comes to the group standings, these two teams are actually sitting at the bottom two of their groups. Egypt sits at the third, while Mexico is at the fourth of their group, but both are without a win. However, this match is more crucial for Egypt because this game can inch them closer to the Tokyo Olympics. As for Mexico, they have nothing to lose here, as they are already eliminated, but they want to at least earn a win here. The meeting between these two teams is on August 29, 2023, at 4:45 AM (GMT+8).


FIBA World Cup: Egypt
Photo courtesy FIBA

Egypt’s record in the World Cup is no longer surprising, considering the way they play recently. They are winless in their campaign in the World Cup, losing their first two matches. Due to these results, it is very clear that Egypt is already out of contention in the contest. However, this game against Mexico is crucial for this match, making them motivated to win here. Winning in this match would give them a realistic chance of qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics. However, from their previous matches in the World Cup, the difference between their opponents are visible. During their matches against Montenegro and Lithuania, they lack in offense to at least challenge these teams. Although they no longer have a chance for the World Cup, they still need to win here as it will bring them closer to their Tokyo Olympics aim.

Fortunately for Egypt, they are a complete team coming into this match. They have no injuries coming into this match, which they are fortunate for, considering how important this match is for them.


FIBA World Cup: Mexico
Photo courtesy of FIBA

Mexico on the other hand is no better as they are also winless in their group, also facing defeats against Montenegro and Lithuania. From those losses, it is notable that their loss are all coming from huge margins. Their match against Lithuania ended in a 30-point loss, while their match against Montenegro is a 20-point loss. During those matches, they never posed a threat to their opponents, which is why their results were like that. Unlike Egypt who still have a chance for the Olympics, Mexico does not have that chance anymore. The reason for this is that because they are in the same confederation with Canada and the United States. However, Mexico does not want to exit the contest with shame, as they are still at least looking for their first win here.

Just like their opponents, Mexico does not have an injury concern here, as they are also to compete with a complete squad.


Total Under: 75.5
Odds: 0.81

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