Ecuador, to meet unfamiliar foes for World Cup 2022

Ecuador, to meet unfamiliar foes.

After defeating Chile and finishing fourth in the CONMEBOL, Ecuador begins its campaign for their fourth World Cup appearance. CONMEBOL is the qualifying round for Ecuador before they qualify for the World Cup. 

However, things have been tough for the Ecuador squad. They faced controversy after Chile claimed that one of Ecuador’s players is ineligible to play but still played during the qualifying round. They claimed that Byron Castillo of Ecuador falsified his birth certificate and passport. Chile says that they can present evidence to the investigation team, and they must be the one qualified for the World Cup.

Since the claim of Chile, FIFA opened an investigation team and later on found nothing but accusations from the Chile team. Chile could still appeal the decision of the federation. 

World Cup: Ecuador
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Ecuador, to meet unfamiliar foes in their group. Although this is their fourth appearance, the team is still unfamiliar with the countries they will meet for the group stage as they will meet Qatar, Netherlands, and Senegal. 

The country’s best World Cup record was back in 2006 after they finished as runners-up for Germany in the group round. Ecuador entered the rounds of 16 after finishing runners-up. 

Ecuador played 10 games in the World Cup. They won four matches, while one ended up as a draw, while the remaining five matches were all lost. 

For this coming World Cup 2022, expect that the Ecuadorian team will be stronger than before. Expect Enner Valencia to lead his club after missing out on the 2018 tournament. Ecuador is believed to be Group A’s dark horse this year.

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