Durant, Irving, to take the Nets to the Finals

Durant, Irving, to take the Nets to the Finals

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are two of the best NBA pair, but all the dramas prevents them from playing together. These two were actually part of the Nets for years already but they have not produced results expected of them yet. Actually, for the first time since these two joined the Nets, some clarity regarding their roster are finally seen. With the offseason filled with rumors of these two squads like trades, they finally decided to stick with the Nets. As they remain with the Nets, can the fans finally expect a Finals spot for them?

For two of the biggest names in the NBA, of course, many expected for the glory they could bring to the Nets. However, dramas and injuries always postpones their debut with the Nets. Now that the team and these two stars finally reached an agreement, expect a dangerous Nets squad. Fans can finally see the Durant-Irving team up they have all been waiting for. Now that both sides are clear of what they want for their team, it is safe to say that the Nets is a contender this season.

NBA: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant

Individually, these two are two of the greatest players the NBA has. Now that these two are finally playing together again, expect a showtime every game. Many may doubt these two teaming up but never forget how good these two are. If these two will finally get the chemistry together, opponents will start getting scared of these two. If that is going to be the case, these two might produce a combined 55 points per game.

Now that these two finally suit up together for their respective teams, the Nets will surely be a threat. Aside from these two, they also have Ben Simmons who could play three and four for the Nets. The moment they got traded to the Nets, it is not a surprise how explosive these two can be.

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