Denmark, dark horse of the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Denmark, dark horse of the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Denmark is considered as the dark horse for this year’s edition of the FIFA World Cup, and for their coach, it is a compliment. According to him, being considered as a dark horse simply means they are doing something right. Denmark is a good team who can compete with anyone. This squad is a confident squad where despite the pressure brought by their future opponents, they can still get a way to win their matches.

For the five times Denmark qualified for the World Cup, there is only one time that they failed to go past the group stage. They even reached the quarterfinals once and the round of 16 for three times. Having those records, it is enough proof that Denmark has everything it takes to be a title contender. For their group, their most dangerous opponent is the defending champions, France. However, if this squad will continue to play their game, they might have more chances to go far in the tournament.

World Cup: Denmark
Photo courtesy of Reuters

Denmark is a genuine title contender although have no player as big as Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, or Lewandowski. This squad is actually one of the teams we can consider as late bloomers. They debuted in 1986 where they quickly went up to the group of 16, despite being rookies. Since then, Denmark was able to make name for themselves as a squad deserving of a World Cup spot. Currently, the squad qualified six out of 10 World Cups since their debut.

Although this Danish squad is still young, they managed to build a new and better era for their country. This just proves the quality of football Denmark has. In 2018, Denmark could have go further in the competition. However, they lost to then runners-up, Croatia on penalties.

Now that this squad will once again try to bid for the World Cup title, they will show that no one can underestimate them. Just like other teams, they have members who play internationally. Moreover, their biggest advantage is their experience as they performed to major tournaments. Many may think that Denmark is not a contender but surprise, they can definitely win the tournament.

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