Defending champions in a sudden death situation

Defending champions in a sudden death situation

After the New York Liberty stunned the Chicago Sky, the defending champions are now in a do-or-die situation. A mistake from the Sky will cost them to lose their campaign to defend their title as the champions. It was an amazing run for the Liberty during the last quarter of their Game 1 as they managed to score 11 points. However, what made Sky lose that first game is because they missed 10 of their last 11 shots during the fourth quarter.

The Sky had an amazing regular season, what can you expect from the defending champions? However, going to this match, the squad was a little overconfident which made them lose the game. Liberty had a brilliant game, and they must be ecstatic after winning this game. They just proved that although they are underdogs, none can underestimate them.

New York Liberty

WNBA: New York Liberty
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During the Game 1, New York Liberty just proved that they accept challenges and is willing to prove their doubters wrong. The journey of this team going to the playoffs is not easy, it was a hard-earned playoff spot during the regular season. Their efforts were paid off when they managed to reach the playoffs. Now that they are at the advantage, this team needs to play better than they did last game. Surely, their opponent will adjust in order to win this game.

Sabrina Ionescu and Natasha Howard were the ones who made magic happen during their Game 1. Ionescu and Howard finished with 22 points and seven rebounds each. Moreover, they also got support from Betnijah Laney after she contributed 17 points, five rebounds, and five assists.

Chicago Sky

WNBA: Chicago Sky
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With their back against the walls, Chicago Sky needs to re-assess their selves on what really happened especially during the late fourth quarter. During their last 11 shots, only one is successful, which just shows that there is a problem with the team’s shooting. However, although they are in the verge of being eliminated, they should not lose heart. After all, they have the heart of a champion. This Game 1 is a disheartening loss, but this is not the time for the Sky to give up.

With Kahleah Copper, and Candace Parker with them, the Sky still stand a chance. During their Game 1, Copper and Parker had a combined score of 38 points and 18 rebounds. If this team really wants to win, other members of the team should step up too.


Chicago Sky (7.5)
Odds: 0.90

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