Connecticut Sun hopes to force a Game 5

Connecticut Sun hopes to force a Game 5

After three games, the Chicago Sky is now leading against the Connecticut Sun in their semi-finals series. The Sky is ahead of one game after winning two straight games. This is a must-win situation for the Sun as this will determine whether they will have another day in the league or their campaign ends here. Fortunately, Sun will have a little advantage as they will host the Sky for this match.

The Sun will look to take advantage of their homecourt to force a Game 5 against the Sky. It was the Sun who first took home the victory but a two straight wins gave the advantage to the Sky. One more win will help the Sky to secure a finals spot, so this made them so eager to win their match. A Game 5 means going back to zero for the Sky, so as much as possible, they do not want that to happen.

Connecticut Sun

WNBA: Connecticut Sun

Connecticut Sun has had an amazing season especially during the regular season. In fact, they are not far behind from the Sky as they are only one less win than their opponent. For the regular season, the Sun finished at the third seed where they had a record of 25-11. Moreover, they also had an amazing first round in the playoff after they managed to defeat Dallas Wings. Their series against the Wings ended in a 2-1 victory, qualifying them for the semi-finals. Including their Game 1 victory, the Sun has won four out of their last fives games.

To have a chance for a Game 5, they must make use of the fact that they were third best in offense and second in the defense. They score 85.8 points per game, while being second when it comes to efficiency. On the other hand, their defense holds their opponents to just 77.8 points per game. With that, they can take advantage of both their offense and defense to force a Game 5.

Chicago Sky

WNBA: Chicago Sky
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Just like the Sun, Chicago Sky also had a successful campaign, but they are not far from their opponent. They are second in the standing during the regular season, just above the Sun. However, what differs the Sky from the Sun is the fact that they are the defending champions. It is clear that this squad knows how to win their games. They qualified for the semi-finals when they defeated New York Liberty in the playoffs. They won three of their five games.

The Sky never failed to show their depth throughout the season. In other words, they proves why they are the defending champions. They are the second best when it comes to offense. They have 86.3 points per game, while being fourth when it comes to defense. They were able to hold their opponents to 81.3 points per game. Their championship experience might be their key to win this series.


Connecticut Sun
Total Under: 81.5
Odds: 0.95

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