Cadiz, Bilbao, looks to win with a different goal

Cadiz, Bilbao, looks to win with a different goal

Athletic Bilbao and Cadiz will look to win this match for two completely different reasons. Cadiz wants to win this game to end their losing streak after successive defeats without a single goal. On the other hand, Bilbao intends to win this game because they want to extend their unbeaten record in the tournament.

It has been a depressing defeat for Cadiz as their three consecutive defeats were all ended without them scoring a goal. However, their current result is a little accepted as the club needs time to adjust as they hired a new head coach. Bilbao on one hand managed to put a strong start this season as they are currently undefeated going to three matches if they win this match. This squad have continuously impress their fans this season.


La Liga: Cadiz

Going into this new La Liga season, Cadiz is a little disappointment this season coming in with a new head coach. Although their new head coach is aware that they need to make a fast and strong start this season, the squad still could not get their rhythm. The club is having a hard time adjusting, but fortunately, they finally recorded a win against Valencia.

Cadiz, during their last six games against Bilbao, have won three of which with a clean sheet in their victories. With that being said, although they do not have a good record, it is safe to say that they have the advantage. But, this squad has a poor home record against Bilbao, where they have conceded seven goals.

Athletic Bilbao

La Liga: Athletic Bilbao
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Bilbao is currently in a winning streak as they aim to win their third straight win this season, fourth in their history. This squad had a strong start this season, in fact, they are currently in the top four of the standings. A lot believes that this squad will eventually belong in the top four coming October. However, although they had a strong start this season, their next match after Cadiz might be a little difficult. They will face the big names in La Liga.

As Bilbao dominates their first few games, they have the possibility to go far in this tournament. They are yet to concede a goal this season, and is now looking to win for the third time, fourth in their La Liga history.


Athletic Bilbao (2.0)
Odds: 0.95

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