Brazil, Switzerland, turn wins to a knockout stage spot

Brazil, Switzerland, turn wins to a knockout stage spot

Brazil and Switzerland are two teams who now have three points each, following their wins in their opening match. Brazil defeated Serbia in a 2-0 win, while Switzerland, escaped Cameroon with a 1-0 win. These two teams are both hoping to seal a spot in the knockout stage, as they were both able to win their opener. The losers on the other hand, still have a chance on their do-or-die game. Their meeting will be on November 29, 2022, at 12:00 AM (GMT+8), as they are both hoping to finally escape the group stage.

From all the nine matches these two teams played, Brazil won three of their nine matches. The Swiss on the other hand won twice of those nine matches, and the rest ended in draw. In the World Cup, these two teams met in 1950 and in 2018. However, on those two precious meetings, it all ended in draw. Switzerland failed to win their game against Brazil during their last five matches. Luckily, they finally won two of their last four encounters against Brazil across all competitions. Switzerland last won against a South American team in the World Cup in 2014, and are hoping to break that streak here. Brazil on one hand are inbeaten in their last 16 matches in the World Cup group stage.

Brazil hopes to continue perfect World Cup group stage

World Cup: Brazil
Photo courtesy of PA

Their match against Switzerland might be the biggest challenge for Brazil, especially that they do not have their number one player with them. As a team who are in a very impressive form, it is no longer surprising that they are the top favorite to win the title this year. On their campaign opener, they won against Serbia in an impressive 2-0 victory. Coming into this game, they are hoping to finally secure a spot in the knockout stage. However, with the absence of Neymar, their other members need to step up, as they have a depth squad. This will be challenging for them as it is not easy to fill in the shoes Neymar left.

Ankle injury is what keeps Neymar from playing in this match. Luckily, reports say that he will most likely be back in their next matches. Danilo, who have been impressive against Serbia is suffering the same injury. He will be likely out for the group stage campaign.

Switzerland will be at their best in this match.

World Cup: Switzerland
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Switzerland is lucky to win their first game in the World Cup, but they have a much tougher opponent this time with Brazil. If the Swiss wants to win against Brazil this time, they need to double, or even triple their effort. They need to be at their best or else, they do not stand a chance against the might Brazil. During the past, the Swiss were able to bring trouble for Brazil, so they want to stand a chance in this match. Their way of going against Brazil so far is actually effective, which is why they want to try it this time once more.

Going against a powerhouse team, Switzerland are fortunate to go against Brazil where everyone of them were healthy.


Brazil (1.5)
Odds: -0.89

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