Brazil, Cameroon, face in an uphill battle

Brazil, Cameroon, face in an uphill battle

Brazil are already secured of their spot for the knockout stage when they meet Cameroon, who are still looking at their chances to qualify. For a team who only have this game as their hopes, they are a little unfortunate to go against Brazil. They need to go against a very difficult prospect for them to qualify for the next round. Cameroon still has more to offer, so they hope to win in this game. As for Brazil, coming into this game, they are eyeing for the top spot in their group. Additionally, just like Portugal, they are aiming for a perfect group stage campaign. This crucial game for Cameroon happens on December 3, 2022, at 3:00 AM (GMT+8).

These two teams met for six times already where none of those matches ended in draw, with Brazil dominating those games. Brazil won five times from those six matches, as compared to the one win of Cameroon. In the World Cup, they only met twice, with Brazil winning those two matches. Their last meeting in the competition is in 2014, where Brazil frustrates Cameroon with a 4-1 win. Brazil currently have a good momentum before this match, winning all of their last seven matches against African teams in the World Cup. As for Cameroon, if they failed to win in this game, their campaign for the title already ends after this. It is as simple as a win means being qualified, and a loss means a goodbye for them.

Brazil hopes to take nine points from possible nine

World Cup: Brazil
Photo courtesy of Reuters

As the number one favorites for the title, Brazil managed to reach or even succeed the expectations of them for the group stage. Just like Portugal, they are also eyeing to perfect their group stage with a win in this game. Before this game, they were able to have an impressive win against Switzerland in a score of 1-0. They are looking to take it up a notch in this game, which may give them their ninth point in the group. Despite not having their star Neymar Jr., they are still able to be as impressive as expected of them. This squad have yet to concede a single goal in their first two games.

Brazil are currently facing series of injury concerns for their squad. Their recent addition to their list of concern is Alex Sandro due to a hip issue. Neymar Jr. will still not play in this game, following his ankle injury. Despite this, the Brazilians are still confident they could pull of an upset here as they are a star-studded team. Some players may be opted to sit out in this game.

Cameroon hopes to stun Brazil

World Cup: Cameroon
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Currently in the third place of the group stage, Cameroon still eyes for the slightest chance of them qualifying for the next round. They are currently two points behind Switzerland, and a win in this match could put them at the second spot. During their match against Serbia, they had a stunning comeback, but defense have been their issue in that match. They are not doing well defensively, and they now need to address that if they want to continue their campaign. This team is hoping to capitalize playing against Brazil, who may not be as strong as they were in their previous matches.

Following a disciplinary measure due to a disagreement with their manager, Andre Onana was sent home and will not play for their remaining matches. Due to this, a more inexperienced Devis Epassy will be playing for the position Onana left.


Brazil (3)
Odds: -0.97

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