Brazil, aims to get the title after 20 years

Brazil, aims to get the title after 20 years

Brazil last received their World Cup title 20 years ago despite being the most successful nation in the history of the World Cup. The Brazilians are actually the favorites to win the title this year. However, that is no longer surprising as they managed to qualify in every edition of the tournament. Brazil is the only nation to qualify in every edition of the World Cup, which just shows the quality of football in their country. Going to this year’s World Cup, this squad looks to finally get their sixth title in the tournament.

On the last World Cup in Russia, Brazil disappoints everyone because of their early elimination. Belgium eliminated them in the quarter-finals despite being the favorites that time. Moreover, in 2014 where they hosted the tournament, they also lost to Germany in the semi-finals. Considering that they were the hosts in 2014, it was embarrassing to lose against their opponent in a 7-1 defeat. Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon are the first three opponents of Brazil as they meet in the group stage. Among those three, the toughest Brazil could meet is the Switzerland squad where they defeated France in the European Championships last year. Brazil needs to work hard to go past the group stages, but may face harder opponents in the round of 16.

World Cup: Brazil
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The Brazilian squad is packed with stars on their line-up. They have Neymar who will definitely make goals for the Brazilian squad. He was with Brazil for over a decade now, so it is not surprising that he is now the squad’s main man. What lacks in his colorful career is a World Cup title. However, this may also be his last appearance in the tournament, which are expected by the fans. As this may be his last, expect Neymar to be as hungry as ever for a title.

It has been 20 years since Brazil last won the World Cup. As they qualify for a new edition of the tournament, expect a Brazilian squad hungrier as ever.

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