Australia Men’s proves FIBA rankings

Australia Men's proves FIBA rankings

Australia Men’s are looking to prove their rankings in FIBA as they kick-off their campaign in the FIBA World Cup, as they go against Finland Men’s. Currently, in the FIBA rankings, Australia is ranked the third, while Finland is ranked as the 24th. Moreover, World Cup is no longer new for the Australian squad as this is already their 13th appearance. As for Finland, they are still new to the World Cup, as this is just the second time that they qualify here. Although Australia has a huge advantage against Finland, they will not let them to make use of that advantage. However, Australia‘s experience will surely make a difference in their campaign. The meeting between these two teams will be on August 25, 2023, at 4:00 PM (GMT+8).

Australia Men’s

FIBA World Cup: Australia Men's
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Australia is ranked as the third country in the world when it comes to the FIBA rankings, and this is what they want to prove here. In fact, they are the favorites to win their groups, despite having Germany and Japan in the group. Moreover, when it comes to the World Cup, Australia already qualified for several times. However, despite the number of participation, they have yet to earn a medal in the contest. Last year, they were able to finish the World Cup belonging in the final four, but they got eliminated. From the 93 matches that they played, they only won 40 matches. What could give them the confidence in this match is the fact that they won the FIBA Asia Cup last year, enough for them to have a positive start. They won six of their last seven internationals, which gives them a momentum here.

It is just unfortunate that Jock Landale will be unavailable for Australia, as he got injured during their friendlies. Due to that, he is already out for the rest of the FIBA World Cup. Additionally, Ben Simmons will not play for Australia.

Finland Men’s

FIBA World Cup: Finland Men's
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Finland on the other hand is now on their second appearance in the World Cup, with their first appearance being recorded during the 2014 edition. During the 2014 edition of the World Cup, they finished as the 22nd overall, as they only won once. Moreover, for the qualifiers of the World Cup, they won nine matches, enough for them to qualify here. Last season, in the EuroBasket, it is evident that Finals were able to improve their skills. Those improvements are important as they aim to have at least a better finish this time. However, it seems like their recent matches did not end in a favorable result as they lost to Latvia and Lithuania. Fortunately, they have Markannen, who is capable of putting up a good performance, to lead them in their campaign.

Finland are fortunate that they are coming into this match positively, as they have no injury concerns as they begin their World Cup campaign.


Australia Men’s
Total Under: 79.5
Odds: 0.90

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