Atlanta Hawks to get Game 2

Atlanta Hawks to get Game 2

Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics are set to meet for the Game 2 of their playoff tournament, where it was the Celtics leading the series. During their first game, Celtics showed their early dominance. They led for as much as 30 points against the Hawks, enabling the Hawks to come back. Their first game ended in a 112-99 loss for the Hawks, which gave them the hunger to go all-out here. These two teams met three times in the regular season, where the Celtics won all matches. As the Hawks failed to win for the fourth time against the Celtics, they are hopeful that they can finally get a victory here. This meeting will be on April 19, 2023, at 7:00 AM (GMT+8), with the Celtics playing as hosts.

Atlanta Hawks

NBA: Atlanta Hawks
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The Hawks are still looking to improve their mishaps this season, especially after being dominated by the Celtics. They certainly have a room to grow for this game, which is what they need the most to win this match. Moreover, in that match, it looks like their shooters misfire, failing to lead their team. They only shot over 33% from the field during the first half, being held to just 44 points. Additionally, during the first half, they also trailed for as much as 30 points. Fortunately, they were able to make some adjustments during the second half, where they already shot over 44%. However, their run in the second half came out a little late as their opponent were already able to build momentum. They are at the 14th offensively with 99 points per game, and eighth defensively allowing 112 points per game.

Dejounte Murray leads the Hawks in scoring with 24 points per game, and in steal with three steals per game. Trae Young on the other hand is with 16 points per game, but is their leader in assist with eight assist per game. Fortunately, they have no injury concern for this crucial match.

Boston Celtics

NBA: Boston Celitcs
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The Celtics on the other hand are confident for their Game 2 as they were able to build on momentum coming into this game. Due to their performance in Game 1, Celtics suddenly became one of the favorites to win the title. They were off to a great start during the first half of their Game 1. However, they allowed their opponents to have a run during the second half. The run of the Hawks decreased Celtics’ lead on that match, but the Celtics are lucky that they were able to stop the late surge of the Hawks. On that match, the Celtics show over 60% frim the floor, but on the second half, they show over 34%. White believes that they relaxed a bit during the second half, and they need to be better than that. They are at the eighth in offense with 112 points per game, and third in defense allowing just 99 points.

Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum leads the Celtics with 29 and 25 points apiece. However, it is unfortunate that Danilo Gallinari is still unavailable for this match.


Boston Celtics
Total Under: 120.5
Odds: 0.80

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