Arsenal back on the European stage against Zurich

Arsenal back on the European stage against Zurich

Arsenal is back at the European stage and will continue their quest for glory in the tournament. They will go against FC Zurich who is a little disappointed that they fell to the Europa League. Nonetheless, although this is not in the plan of Zurich, they will certainly do everything to turn this into a success. Both teams wanted to prove something through this fixture so both needs to do everything just to start off good.

This match will be an exciting match because coming into this league, these two clubs has had a good record. In fact, Arsenal had a very good game in their previous matches while Zurich is the Swiss champions. Zurich just failed to make it to the Champions League qualifiers which is why they were dropped to the Europa League.


Europa League: Arsenal

It was honestly a harsh season for Arsenal as they qualified for the Europa League. Actually, they are the favorites to secure the final spot in the Champions League, some even considered them as dark horse. However, luck is not on their side because they lost and eventually dropped on the Europa League. Arsenal’s record in the tournament is not good as well as they also lost countless stints. But this time, they will do anything just to be able to have a better stint here. Fortunately for this squad, their new signings are contributing a lot and really helped the team in their previous matches.

The trio of Reiss Nelson, Thomas Partey, and Mohammed Elneny are all nursing their injuries so expect that they will be gone for a while. Moreover, Marquinhos and Matt Smith is also expected to make a debut in the tournament.

FC Zurich

Europa League: FC Zurich

The advantage of this squad against their opponent is the fact that they tasted the Champions League this season. However, it was unlucky for them because they were not able to get past the second round. Just like Arsenal, this squad does not really have a good game in the Europa League as they also bowed out in the group stage. This squad is disappointed, but they do not want to repeat the same mistakes again.

A tough match will be encountered by this squad as they need to play without Ilan Sauter and Bogdan Viunnyk. These two contributes a lot for this squad so their absence will leave an impact to the team.


Arsenal (2.0)
Odds: -0.86

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