Argentina looks to secure knockout stage vs Poland

Argentina looks to secure knockout stage vs Poland

Argentina eyes to finally secure a spot in the knockout stage, by winning their last and final group stage match against Poland. In their group standings, these two are not far from each other. While Poland sits on top of their group standings, Argentina is not far from them as them as they are in the second. From their matches, Poland currently have four points, while Argentina has three points. Poland has a win and a draw across their names, while Argentina has one win and one loss. Many were shocked when Argentina succumb to Saudi Arabia in their last fixture.

Argentina and Poland meets on December 1, 2022, at 3:00 AM (GMT+8), as both are trying to aim a spot in the next round. Of all the 11 games these two teams played, Argentina won six matches, as opposed to Poland’s three wins. In the World Cup, these two teams split their result when they met twice. Their first meeting was in 1974 where Poland won, and in 1978 where Argentina won. Moreover, their last meeting against each other was in 2011, where it was Poland who took home the victory.

Argentina have high hopes of winning this match

World Cup: Argentina

Coming into this fixture, this team cannot afford to lose in this game as it will end their hopes for the title. They are currently seating in the second spot in their group, and are hoping to turn things around in this game. This team failed to be as impressive as everyone expected, which keeps them from being at the top of the group. They even had a hard time going against Mexico and relied on luck when they won against them. In this game, they need to take a notch so they could secure their progress to the next round. An impressive squad is no longer surprising for Argentina, but they need to play as one. Unity is what lacks in them, and this is what they need to work out if they want to qualify in the next round.

As expected it will be Lionel Messi who will lead Argentina, but other guys are expected to step up as well. Enzo Fernandez had an impressive game against Mexico, and his squad is hoping for an identical performance.

Poland hopes to retain the top spot

World Cup: Poland
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Poland being at the top pf their standings is no longer surprising as they also have an impressive squad. Aside from Argentina, they are actually the other favorite to top their group, and are hoping to stay at the top after this game. They defeated Saudi Arabia with a score of 2-0, the same team that defeated Argentina. They want a similar result for this game, but they need to work harder as Argentina is a tougher opponent. Poland last enter the Round of 16 in 1986, and they are hoping to finally end the streak of getting eliminate din the group stage.

Robert Lewandowksi made his first World Cup goal when they met Saudi Arabia. They have a very good players, so expect a lot of players to step up to win this game.


Argentina (1.5)
Odds: -0.86

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