5 Tips To Overcome Bad Beats in Poker

When players have an overwhelming statistical favourite to win but loses a hand, this is what we call a bad beat. No player is immune from the poker bad beats, even the experienced one. This is what makes poker a great game! To keep new players interested and entertained with the game, poker bad beats are needed. Most of the players want to tell the world about the bad beat stories they faced, trying to get sympathy from others. However, it is often tiring especially to experienced players as all of them have already faced it before. Instead, they should analyze the strategies and find ways to reduce bad beats in future.

Tip #1: Understand Poker Bad Beats

Bad beats is a common situation in poker, even in other casino games. For every game, there are no 100% winning chances. Even if you assume that you deserve to win the pot because you are a favourite, it still has a percentage to lose and it is likely to happen anytime. Non zero probabilities are expected to happen more often than we think. Be grateful at the times we win, and prepared for the loss. There is a time for good and bad luck. Also, without bad beats, poker will lose its fun as the best hand always wins while inferior players keep losing. 

Tip #2: Study Your Past Results

No matter what your experience level, you have to regularly study your past results. It can help you to assess, adjust and improve your poker strategies, especially when facing bad beats. Learning from the past could help you to avoid the same situations from happening in the future. However, you might not always get the answer you are looking for. At least, you have the knowledge of the same situation, so the outcome is unlikely to happen anymore, by adjusting your play style. 

Tip #3: Keep An Eye On Your Bankroll

Bear in mind that never ever bet with money that you do not have, it never ends well. If you are desperate or aggressive, especially when losing on a bad beat, these situations will make you forget about this rule. Manage bankroll properly cannot help to avoid bad beat but you can make your bet more manageable. Honestly, you need a larger bankroll for you to play more hands. It might help in bouncing back from a bad beat but you have to budget for each game. 

Tip #4: Know When To Stop

Experienced players are able to overcome bad beat situations faster but when it comes to novice players, they need more time to figure out the strategy to deal with. Sometimes, players might need to stop the game and walk away for a few minutes or even days for particularly bad beads poker. Especially for emotional players, it will affect your ability to play a winning style poker and prevent you from chasing back the losses. You might lose more and become harder to recover. Knowing when to stop in a game is a skill that every player should learn.

Tip #5: Maintain Your Perspective And Focus On The Next Hand

Every player should learn how to keep the game in perspective. It plays an important role in helping you to recover from bad beats. Some players find it helpful when they think of their family, friends, health and good things. Others might just focus on the next hand which can help you move on from the last one. As we know, losing a game, especially when you get a bad beat even you play the hand perfectly, is heartbreaking and easy to feel crushed. To play a winning poker, focus on the hand you dealt and never think about the bad beat to avoid being distracted. 

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