2022 World Cup: Qatar, to step up their game

2022 World Cup: Qatar, to step up their game-Nova88 Blog

Rookie and host Qatar promised their fans to step up their game in order not to embarrass their fans and the country.

Although this will be Qatar’s debut to the World Cup, no one can outcast the host team. The biggest advantage this team has is the crowd and is expected to go all-out for their team. We can expect them to give their opponents a close game. The defense of the Qatar team will be the key for them to win their games. 

Unlike other teams, their journey to the World Cup has been easier since hosting the World Cup gives them automatic qualification in the World Cup. However, their automatic qualification makes it harder to determine whether the hosts will qualify or not. 

This will be the first time they will participate in the World Cup. The first and only international trophy Qatar got is their Asian Championship trophy. During the tournament, Qatar was able to beat Japan during the finals in 2019.

Since this will be Qatar’s first appearance in the World Cup, and countries under Group A are not in the same continent as Qatar, this will be the first time Qatar will meet them.

Qatar looks not to repeat South Africa’s mistake where they were eliminated as early as the group qualifiers. The team went down in history as the only host team who did not qualify for the group round.

Now, the team looks to make their World Cup debut a memorable one, and making one step at a time. Just like other teams, this team aims for the honor to be the winners of this prestigious tournament.

Qatar will face Ecuador on November 21, Senegal on November 25, and the Netherlands on November 29. 

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