2022 LoL LCK Summer League: A match for a spot

The 2022 LoL LCK Summer League playoffs is just around the corner, so certainly, all the upcoming games are crucial for all teams as this will determine their place during the playoffs. 

Two of the teams who want to secure a good spot for the playoffs are Liiv SANDBOX, and Gen.G, who will compete against each other on July 22, 2022.

Both of these teams have been putting up a good match throughout the season as they always put up a good fight during their games.

Moreover, Liiv SANDBOX came out as a surprise for this year’s Summer League as they showcase their skills, putting up better number, they even beat Gen.G in the early game when they met once. 

Meanwhile, Gen.G is one of the powerhouse teams in the league, they dominated every game, listing a record of 9-1, and their statistical number can prove how strong this team is. 

Furthermore, Gen.G’s players always know how to do their roles, stepping up during the games and being reliable all throughout the games .

Their players know how to take advantage of their edge against the opposing team. 


Gen.G (1.5)

Odds: 0.63

What about you? Who do you think will win this match? Place your bets now!

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