2022 Golden Boot favorites

2022 Golden Boot favorites

Golden Boot award is one of the much-awaited award in every World Cup. This award aims to award that one player who excels throughout the tournament. This is the award for the player who is considered to be the top goal scorer in the tournament. This is one of the most prestigious award to be given to a player in the World Cup competition. There are other awards such as the golden ball, and golden gloves. Receiving these kind of awards is a huge boost for the players as their hard work pays off. During the 2018 World Cup, it was Harry Kane of England who took home the Golden Boot. The question now is will he be able to get the same award this year? In this article, we will give you the top pics of bettors for the Golden Boot award.

Harry Kane (+750)

Golden Boot: Harry Kane
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

As the former awardee of this award, it is no surprise that Harry Kane topped the favorites to receive Golden Boot. He is arguably the currently best center-forward so it is not shocking that he have a very high chance to receive this award again. Aside from being the possible top scorer in the World Cup, he will also be one of the players to lift England. Kane won last edition’s Golden Boot award because of his six goals for England. Aside from winning the award, his goals that time helped England reach the semi-finals. Now, he is desperate to win this award to help his team once more. However, he will face tough competitors for this award.

Kylian Mbappe (+930)

Golden Boot: Kylian Mbappe

This young lad plays like a veteran because of the way he impacts his team. At the age of 23, he have been nothing but incredible, playing like he already played since forever. In Ligue 1, he scored 28 successful goals which just proved how incredible he is. At a young age, he is already France’s go-to player, with a goal to repeat themselves as the World Cup champions. At the age of 18, he already made a record as the youngest French player to score in their country’s history. Additionally, he also took home the Best Young Player Award that time, with a total of four goals. To all the opponents, this young gun became better this time.

Karim Benzema (+1,400)

Golden Boot: Karim Benzema
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Another one from the defending champions is a favorite to win the award. For someone who is considered as the Best Forward in the world, it is without doubt that he is a contender for this award. He lead Real Madrid for their La Liga title and in the Champions League success. On his stint in Real Madrid, he proved how talented he is especially in scoring. With that, he really deserved to be in this list.

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