2022 FIBA Asia Cup Quarter-Finals

The stage is now set for the 2022 FIBA Asia Cup Quarter-finals as teams from eight countries qualified for the next round, eliminating Syria and Philippines.

Jordan and Iran will face each other at 6:30PM (GMT+8), and Lebanon and China at 9:00PM (GMT+8), tonight, July 20, 2022. 

Iran vs Jordan

Iran has been a contender since before with the presence of their big men as their big men were the key to their success for the past tournaments.

Meanwhile, no one must outcast Jordan after their comeback win over Chinese Taipei, climbing back at the last minute, which lifted the spirits of the team and their fans.

Entering the game, Jordan had been more motivated and inspired after their win, but the experience of the team from Iran would make a difference in the game. 

Prediction: Iran

Total Under: 148.5

Odds: 0.93

Lebanon vs China

Having these two teams face each other is one of the most exciting games during the competition.

Lebanon’s game has been improving throughout the years, in fact, during the elimination, this team proved that they are indeed a team to look out for during the tournament. 

China on the other hand did not have a good start during the elimination, they encountered a lot of issues, but they proved that they are still a contender for this tournament, this team has indeed a shot to win this competition. 

This match-up will be a classic one as both of this team will surely show a high-quality basketball game. 

Prediction: Lebanon

Total Under: 162.5

Odds: 0.84

Prediction for the 2022 FIBA Asia Cup Quarter-Finals: Iran and Lebanon will go to the semi-finals. 

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